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Welcome to the Regulars!

The 1st United States Infantry, the largest Federal reenacting unit in the Southwest, invites you to join our hobby. As reenactors and living historians, our members portray the typical Union soldier that served in the Western Theater during the Civil War. Our impression is unique in that we represent a unit of the United States Regular Army, who were career soldiers and “Guardians of the Frontier” (many in Texas) at the outbreak of hostilities in 1861. As Regulars, we pay strict attention to our military dress (spit & polish) and work hard to replicate the 1860's military drill.

Our “veterans” have participated in a number of major 125th, 130th, and 135th anniversary reenactments, including the largest-ever reenactment of a Civil War battle, Gettysburg, in July 1998, when 23,000 reenactors participated. With this extensive experience, our attention to safety issues, and our authentic Civil War military formations and encampments, we are in great demand at local, regional and national-level battle reenactments.

The membership dues are just $25 per household per calendar year, pro-rated. Our unit handbook is available for only $5 and it contains the bylaws, standards and procedures, and crucial information for a new recruit. Members receive our monthly newsletter, “The Union Standard,” filled with helpful, informative articles, notices from Headquarters, and a calendar of upcoming events.

All recruits are assigned a mentor, a seasoned veteran of the 1st US, in order to receive personal instruction in regard to our authenticity standards. Recruits, while in training, are given time to equip themselves with a reproduction uniform, rifle and accoutrements. After recruits attend a certain number of drills and reenactments, they are promoted to private, awarded a brass company letter for their cap, and assigned to that company during a field ceremony. Our civilian reenactors support the 1st US at reenactments, period balls (dances) and living history demonstrations.

Our goal as reenactors and living historians is two-fold:
1. Inform and educate the public.
2. Have fun.

Members of the 1st US and our Civilian auxiliary are capable of delivering living history talks to reenactment crowds, school groups, civic organizations, etc. We strive to share our period-related knowledge to those who seek a basic understanding of that era. Whether reliving a conflict during a reenactment on an actual battlefield, or experiencing a “real-life” moment in a campaign event, or sharing the camaraderie around a campfire, our members endear the many, varied aspects within the hobby.

To join, all you need to do is show a desire you are ready to wear the Blue as a Regular and learn the drill and customs of the 19th century military. For more information, please use the online contact form

All 1st US members should download, complete, and carry the Rapid Response Contact form at all NTRS events. This form provides emergeny contact information. Carry the completed form in your cartridge box tool section.


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