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Minor Policy

Minors between the ages 10 and 17 who wish to join the 1st US must have a parent or legal guardian join the hobby as a soldier or as a civilian.  Parental or legal guardian attendance at all events is mandatory as they must accompany the minor at all times.  This policy has been adopted because of the overall concern for the safety of minors and to insure proper parental/guardian supervision is provided in case of emergencies or accidents.  We understand that someone who is able to drive a motor vehicle is not really a child, but the law states that 18 is the legal adult age.

Minors under age 18 may march and participate with our musicians.  We highly encourage all within the musician ranks to become proficient with a musical instrument so that they feel as an integral part of the unit.  Instruments used during the Civil War are drums, fifes and bugles.  A 16 year-old may carry a rifle and fire blank rounds at reenactments and drills.  A 15 year-old may be in the ranks only during drills and may fire a rifle using caps, not powder.

The minor can only join after a parent or guardian first signs and files with the 1st US a general release form and a medical power-of-attorney form.



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