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Brook Thomas
Capt. Brook Thomas

Beck Martin
1st Sgt. Beck Martin
Cpl. Tate Landin
Cpl. Bryan Powers
Aaron Smith
Cpl. Aaron Smith  

Don Gates
Pvt. Don Gates

Blair Rudy
Pvt. B. Rudy,
Frontier Brigade Sgt. Major

Don Gross
Pvt. Don Gross
2nd Battalion Major
of the Frontier Brigade



Kip Basset
Pvt. Kip Bassett

John Bowen
Pvt. John Bowen

Sean Bowen
Pvt. Sean Bowen
Rick Brockman
Pvt. Rick Brockman
Bob Burrage
Pvt. Bob Burrage

Pvt. Steve Campbell
Kevin Doughtie
Pvt. Kevin Doughtie
Jeff Foote
Pvt. Jeff Foote
Pete Graham
Pvt. Pete Graham

Gary Gray
Pvt. Gary Gray

George Hansen
Pvt. George Hansen

Glen Hargis
Pvt. Glen Hargis
Rich Jones
Pvt. Rich Jones

Jerome Levy
Pvt. Jerome Levy
Art Ogle
Pvt. Art Ogle

Austin Powers
Musician Austin Powers

Alan Prendergast
Pvt. Alan Prendergast
Ed Prejean III
Pvt. Ed Prejean III
Neal Rudy
Frontier Brigade
Principal Musician
Sgt. Neal Rudy

Harold Sickler
Pvt. Harold Sickler

Matthew Smith
Musician Matthew Smith 

Les Young
Pvt. Les Young
Bob Zebian
Pvt. Bob Zebian
Julie Thomas
Julie Thomas
Company laundress
and cook
Ruth Goetz
Vivandiere and civilian



Capt. Marc J. Ben-Meir
Assistant Surgeon


Photoless Members

Pvt. Mitch Davenport
Pvt. Parker Brown

Pvt. Ed Chytil

Pvt. Dave Daniels Pvt. Dennis DeAtley  
Pvt. Doug Garnett Pvt. Morgan Garnett Pvt. Bradley Garnett
Pvt. Ken King Pvt. Robert Mathis  Pvt. Zeb Mathis 
Pvt. Fred Marlow Pvt. Monty Miller Pvt. Terry Phillips
Pvt. Ed Owen Pvt. Ron Putnam Pvt. Don Sielert

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