Firing: Laying and Kneeling


1. Carry the right foot to the rear so that when you kneel down, your lower leg is 
perpendicular to the front. As you lower your right knee to the ground, grasp the rifle at 
the lower band with your left hand, your right hand on the small of the stock. Your left 
elbow will rest on your left thigh. The butt will rest by your right thigh. Seat yourself on 
your right heel. Cock the piece in this position then raise it to aim and fire.

2. To load: bring the piece down to the position before firing, left hand still at lower 
band and butt against right thigh. Next, carry the piece to the rear rising on the knee with 
the butt resting on the ground, barrel downward, the left hand supporting at the upper 
band. Draw cartridge and load.

3. When loaded, bring the piece to the front with the left hand at the upper band and 
grasp the small of the stock with the right, turning the piece barrel up and nearly 
horizontal. With the left elbow once again resting on the left thigh, left hand at the lower 
band, half cock and prime. Continue firing or be at the ready as appropriate to 


1. Drop to both knees then lay down on your belly with the piece nearly horizontal with 
the left hand at the lower band, the butt and left elbow resting on the ground. Cock with 
the right hand then grasp at the small of the stock. Raise the piece with both hands, butt 
against shoulder, both elbows resting on the ground. Aim and Fire.

2. To load: bring the piece down and turn upon your left side, resting on your left elbow. 
Bring the piece back so the cock is opposite your breast, resting the butt on the ground 
beside you. Take a cartridge and while holding it between your thumb and 1st two 
fingers, seize the small of the stock and lay down on your back. Carry the piece to the 
rear, butt between your heels, barrel up with muzzle elevated. Charge cartridge.

3. When finished loading, turn again upon your left side and prime. Continue firing or 
be at the ready as appropriate to commands.

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