Unofficial and Unapproved Songbook


The officers and (most if not all of) the enlisted men of the First U.S. Infantry Regiment, Companies A & D have not approved of this document.

Any singing of said songs is strictly voluntary and those not wishing to hear songs sung by others who do sing may feel free to stuff their ears with cotton (which is quite period) at any point in time.

Unless otherwise indicated (or so instructed according to the wishes of our commanding officers) all 
additional material, verses, etc may be submitted to: 

Kevin Doughtie,
Alan Prendergast

And of course we will always (never cheerfully) make corrections to anything which is in error... (provided I'll admit it's an error...)

Army Bean
Battle Cry of Freedom
Battle Cry of Freedom (Mary's Lamb)
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Bounty Jumper's Lament
Dixie (Land of Traitors)
For Lincoln and Liberty Too
Girl I Left Behind Me
Goober Peas
Grafted into the Army
Just Before the Battle, Brothers
Just Before The Battle, Mother
Kingdom Coming
Marching Through Georgia
Men of Harlech
Minstrel Boy
Rising of the Moon
Tenting Tonight On the Old Camp Ground
Tramp Tramp Tramp
To Fight for Uncle Abe
Vacant Chair
We are Coming Father Abraham
Wode Song



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